7 Starbucks Drinks That'll Have You Wired All Day

We've all had that late night where we caught a random Thursday night concert in Los Angeles, got home at 1 a.m., then woke up four hours later to rush to work and write a story about the strongest drinks Starbucks has to offer, absolutely needing one of those drinks yourself.

While we all have our favorite drinks that help keep us awake and functioning through our hectic days, I thought I'd find out which Starbucks drinks give you the biggest jolt.

The first thing I learned was that even though Starbucks will give you whatever you want, they don't recommend, nor advertise drinks with more than five shots of espresso. You can go ahead and knock yourself out with a 47-shot Frappuccino, but that's a super customized drink that's not on menu.

If want to load up on caffeine, and really put a shock to your system, bigger is usually better at the mega coffee chain. A lot of their venti drinks have a borderline-scary amount of espresso shots, and their new cold brews will kick your ass, too.

These are the best pick-me-ups Starbucks has to offer. Go with any of them, and you'll surely get wired:

Venti Double Shot On Ice


Their grande-sized Double Shot energy drinks are pretty effective in their own right, but when you upgrade to a venti, those two shots of espresso turn into FIVE shots. So a venti gets you more than double the caffeine that's in the canned energy drink version, with a total of 375 milligrams.



Venti Caffe Americano


A venti Caffe Americano is essentially just espresso and water. While not as exaggerated as the venti Doubleshot, the Americano serves up four shots, and is also popular for being a low-calorie option. All those shots come out to be 300 milligrams of caffeine, with a total of 25 calories.


Venti Iced Caffe Americano


This is literally the exact same thing, just iced. If you're not a fan of hot drinks, the iced version has your back, with the same amount of shots, same calories, and same caffeine content.



Narino 70 Cold Brew


A venti iced Cold Brew doesn't need a bunch of shots to get you hyped up. The African brew has a robust 300 milligrams of caffeine and will definitely make you feel like Tweak from South Park.


Nitro Cold Brew


The new Nitro Cold Brew isn't available nationwide, yet, but those of you who can get your hands on the nitrogen-infused coffee know that it is Hulk strong. A grande contains 345 milligrams of caffeine, and is so strong, they don't even offer a venti, for your own safety.



Pike Place Roast


The Pike is one of Starbucks' standard cups of coffee, but don't underestimate its strength. Standing alone, without any crazy modifications that most other drinks require, the Pike has 410 milligrams of caffeine in a venti, and 310 milligrams for a grande. Hell, the tall 12-ounce cup has 235 milligrams in it, which is more than a 5-Hour Energy Drink's 230 milligrams.


Blonde Roast


If you're looking for the absolute king of caffeine, the Blonde Roast packs the biggest punch with 475 milligrams of caffeine for a venti. Even a grande has more caffeine than almost everything else on this list with 360 milligrams. You probably drink these on the daily and don't even realize that you have enough caffeine in you to have a Jessie Spano-like meltdown.