SPAM Ditches The Can And Is Now Available In Bite-Sized Snacks


It feels like no one's ever been 100 percent sure what Spam is, but we've accepted the canned substance as a viable lunch meat.

Well, after spending its entire 78 years in a can, Spam is venturing out into the snack world with its new bite-sized meat chunks.


With a teriyaki, classic, and bacon flavor, the meaty snacks will pack up to 10 grams of protein per serving and zero admission that it's essentially jerky.

The 1.4 ounce package retails at $2.39 ($1.70 per ounce), comparable to 2.85 ounces of Jack Links Tender Bites from Walmart, which sell for $4.98 ($1.75 per ounce).

It's currently only available in select areas, including Hawaii, of course, and have not announced when they plan to roll them out nationwide.