Shake Shack Debuts A Pork Rind-Filled Cheeseburger At Vegas Uncork'd


Vegas Uncork'd is a pretty crazy foodie experience as you get a chance to meet a lot of your favorite chefs, learn to make some amazing food, and even try mouth-watering, or new types of food.

Shake Shack set up shop at the event's Ultimate Comforts & Classics Affair, May  1,  and unveiled a beautiful "Crackle Burger" which consisted of house-made pork rinds that gave the Shack's burger an extra crunch that was oh-so delightful.


The rinds were made seasoned and marinated in malt vinegar powder, while the rest of the burger consisted of their all-natural Angus beef patty, American cheese and their famous Shake Shack sauce, all on a fresh potato bun.

At the Bon Appetit-hosted event, a buddy of mine told me to go straight to Shake Shack's booth because this burger was going to, "Change your life."

I immediately thought, 'OK. It's just a burger, dude,' but the burger actually did provide somewhat of an out-of-body experience. I literally said, 'Screw everything else,' and just ate three of these burgers.


Michael Wang, General Manager of Shake Shack's Las Vegas location, said that they've talked about adding the burger to their menu in the past, and it's always on the table for the future. As for now, it was exclusive to the Vegas Uncork'd event, but we can dream that this Crackle Burger will find its way to all Shake Shack locations.