Seven Starbucks Facts That Even The Most Hardcore Fan Doesn't Know

For a company as globally visible and recognized as Starbucks, you'd think that the vast majority of the public would know pretty much everything about the caffeine giant. However, we've dug around and managed to uncover a few Starbucks facts that flew under almost everybody's radars. These little known tidbits continue to add a deeper allure to the mega power that is the world's largest coffeehouse company in the world.

Deep-fried Starbucks coffee exists


Though not explicitly endorsed by the company, these deep-fried balls of ground Starbucks coffee debuted at the San Diego Fair last summer. Bacon-A-Fair doled out these bad boys in Starbucks coffee cups, drowning them in sugar and whipped cream.

Until this year, PSLs didn’t contain pumpkin or spice


pumpkin spice latte

The unusual delight people get from drinking a pumpkin pie is impossible without artificial flavors. Pumpkin Spice Lattes contain lab-made flavors that mimic cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and vanilla. If you actually dump those spices in your latte, the resulting beverage will taste more like a Chai Tea Latte. Current PSLs contain real pumpkin and no cancerous variety of caramel, but the “spices” haven’t changed.

The original founders of Starbucks jumped ship to invest in Peet’s Coffee


Three dudes got together in the 80s, inspired by Peet’s, and opened the first Starbucks. Over the next few years, they all abandoned the company, leaving newcomer Howard Schultz at the helm. Now, Starbucks stock is worth $59 while Peet’s was only worth $8 before another company acquired it.


Kenny G claims responsibility for the Frappucino


The king of easy-listening, candle store/elevator music claims that he berated CEO Howard Schultz to make a version of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s blended espresso drinks. Schultz has yet to comment on whether Starbucks had already planned to sell Frappucinos, but in the early 90s, everyone took Kenny G very seriously.

Starbucks pays for its employees to go to college



All full and part-time employees in the U.S. (or partners, as Starbucks calls them) can apply to Arizona State University’s online undergraduate program. Roughly half of the tuition is paid through a scholarship while the rest is reimbursed at the end of the semester. Partners can’t drop out or quit their jobs while enrolled in this program, but they can peace out as soon as they get their diploma.

The original logo was NSFW


Instead of the modest, green mermaid we’ve all grown to respect and give money offerings to, the original Starbucks maiden did not have any coconuts, starfish, or flowing hair to obscure her breasts. While a far more accurate depiction, assuming merfolk exist, this large caricature was hardly family friendly.

The most expensive Starbucks drink cost $93.58


Business Insider’s Jacob Shamsian took the crown from Renee C. whose Caramel Frappucino clocked in at $86.55. Shamsian’s approximately two gallon Pumpkin Spice Frappucino contained 101 shots of espresso with an extra shot of basicness.