Feast Your Eyes On San Pedro Fish Market's World-Famous Seafood Super Tray

With a seafood platter this massive, it's easy to see why the dudes who created it are called the, "Kings of Fi$h."

After the launch of FOODBEAST's new reality series, Kings Of Fi$h, we paid a visit the San Pedro Fish Market & Restaurant, just so we could customize our own world famous seafood Super Tray.



This platter was massive and can probably feed between six to eight people.

We made ours with one whole fried tilapia, a steamed tilapia steak, mussels and three different types of shrimp, crawfish and veggies, all placed on a giant pile of potatoes and green bell peppers.

So, now that all episodes from KOF: Season One are streaming on our Facebook and YouTube, get to know the Kings of Fi$h, if you haven't already.