The Paqui One Chip Challenge Is Back For A Fifth Year In A Row

Five years ago I was introduced to a coffin-shaped box that highlighted the words "Carolina Reaper Madness" and "The One Chip Challenge."


"One chip?" I thought to myself. "How bad can one hot chip be?"

Minutes later I found myself scooping half a pint of Ben & Jerry's straight into my mouth begging for the heat to stop.

Another year later and I was sent another coffin-shaped "One Chip Challege" box from Paqui. "Since I've done it once, maybe it won't be as bad as last time," I mused.

Cue the next scene where I'm in a fetal position on the Foodbeast office couch, crying for some semblance of relief.


Now, in it's fifth year, the coffin-shaped box that is the Paqui One Chip Challenge has managed to find me again, beckoning with its spicy siren song. Should I break my three year hiatus from the One Chip Challenge?

This year's iteration of the OCC comes in the form of a chip that boasts only two peppers: the dreaded Carolina reaper and the volcanic Scorpion Pepper. Paqui Brand Manage Caitlin Moralic had this to say about the chip, "While this year’s challenge has the least number of peppers yet, fans should be warned not to underestimate The Scorpion’s instant sting and The Reaper’s gradual, spicy misfortune."

Priced at$6.99 USD, The 2021 Paqui One Chip Challenge is available for purchase at and Amazon to purchase the chip online or find local participating retailers.