McDonald's Is Stuffing McNuggets In This Giant McBucket


McDonald's Japan is going the KFC route and putting a vast amount of Chicken inside a paper bucket starting December 1.

While the Japanese McNugget count usually gets capped off at 15, the magic number for this bucket is 48, to honor their collaboration with a Japanese pop group called NGT48, according to Kotaku.


The McNuggets will go for 1,800 yen, or about $14.69 in US dollars, and each will have a trading card featuring one of the 48 members in the pop group.

The bucket even has a photo of the some of the members on one side, while the other side reads, "NGT48. We are Niigata 48."

This may, or may not seem like a random collab (Although we've seen stranger things from Japan), but the reason McDonald's probably jumped on this was the group's adorable nickname, "Nugget 48."


Here in the US, McDonald's offers a 40-piece meal, and at one point even had a 50-piece meal, but they've never gone the Colonel Sanders-route.

They should really just stuff everything in buckets--Big Macs, fries, hell, just put the McFlurries in giant buckets.

h/t eater, picthx kotaku