These McDonald's Hacks Will Change Their Menu Forever

Unfortunately, McDonald's doesn't have an official secret menu, or even an unofficial secret menu like some restaurants do, but they do have an extensive menu that gives us a chance to mix, match and play with food to our hearts content.

As our buddy Daym Drops would say, these are "hood burger specials," which means you play around the menu items to make some insane, super-stacked burgers.

Some of these you might have seen or tried before, some you probably haven't. Either way, it's a fun way to put together some monster creations at one of the biggest fast food restaurants in the world:

McLand Sea and Air Burger


We're going to lead off with one of the craziest items on this list, The McLand Sea and Air Burger. This one is a combination of the three different meats offered at McDonald's. The core of it is a Big Mac, with a McChicken and Filet-o-Fish shoved in as well.

For even more pleasure, top it with a McRib whenever the barbecuey sandwich is available.


picthx ranker

The Mega Mac


The concept of a Mega Mac is pretty simple as it's just meat stacked on more meat. There's several ways you can go about this, but the simplest and cheapest way to achieve a Mega Mac is by stacking a Big Mac and a double cheeseburger, or two.

The Big McChicken



The Big McChicken is a towering burger consisting of three McChickens and a double cheeseburger. Two of those McChicken patties serve as the buns, while the third McChicken patty is sandwiched between the two beef patties of the double cheeseburger.

The McSlutty

the mcslutty

The McSlutty comes to us via Wreckless Eating. It consists of a Filet-o-Fish and a Cheddar Onion Melt stacked on top of each other. This one sounds pretty terrible to me, but to each their own.

The McGangBang


Probably the most well-known and often documented item on this list is the McGangBang. Yes, that is an appalling name, but this is a pretty appalling burger, so it kind of fits. The McGangBang consists of two Dollar Menu favorites as you stick a McChicken in between a McDouble.

The McFugget


picthx Daym Drops

YouTube food reviewer Daym Drops showed us this instant classic. The McFugget is basically a Filet-o-Fish with a four-piece of McNuggets carefully placed in between.

McIce Cream Sandwich


picthx ranker

This is pretty simple. McDonald's has chocolate chip cookies and soft serve. Order both and make yourself an ice cream sandwich.


Soft-Served McHottie


Heard of this one from our own Peter Pham. He said you simply order vanilla soft serve in a coffee cup and add hot coffee to it.

The Mc10:35


picthx phactual

It's called the Mc10:35 because you usually have to time it and get an Egg McMuffin around 10:30 just before they cutoff breakfast, then immediately order a McDouble so you can combine the best of both menus.

Now that McDoanld's serve's breakfast late at night, and in some places 24 hours, the Mc10:35 might not need to be so rushed anymore.

Pie McFlurry

pie mcflurry

picthx ranker

This is kind of like a baked apple pie a-la-mode. You just ask for some soft serve in a McFlurry cup and mash the apple pie in it. You can also mix the pie in a regular McFlurry  if you want something like an Oreo Apple Pie McFlurry.



The McCrepe combines the hotcakes from their breakfast menu with their yogurt parfait as filling. Pour some syrup over it and you're gold.

Spicy McChicken Biscuit



Some places in the south already have this on the menu, but for those of us who don't have it, we have be a little creative. This burger involves a similar concept used for the Mc10:35, as you have to be able get the biscuit during breakfast hours. You may, or may not want to replace the sausage already in the biscuit, but either way, order a plain spicy McChicken and stuff the chicken patty in the biscuit. Chick-Fil-A who?



picthx flickr

McFloats are actually a thing in some places, but even if its not on the menu, most places will be nice enough to make you a root beer, or coke float, they'll probably just charge the two items separately.

McNeapolitan Shake


picthx huffpo

I don't know why places don't just put this on their official menus, but ask them to mix all three of their shake flavors. It should be three equal parts of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate, maybe even the Shamrock shake when available.

Chicken McGriddle


picthx huffpo

Another breakfast-lunch hybrid. It's the same steps as the Chicken McBuscuit, except the biscuit is replaced with the McGriddle waffle. Quick and easy way to get your chicken and waffles fix.

If you're a health-conscious vegan, this post obviously wasn't for you. Just leave your anti-McDonald's comment real quick, and let the rest of us hack this menu until we get type-2 diabetes.