McDonald's Replacing $1 Menu With $2 Menu. Dude, Why?

McDonald's will be scrapping their "Dollar Menu & More" in order to replace it with their new "McPick 2" menu, which will still sell $1 items, only you will now be required to buy menu items in pairs of two instead of one-by-one. Obnoxious, right? I know, that's what I said.

The items that will initially be available on the menu will be the new mozzarella sticks (which are currently only available in select locations), the McDouble, the McChicken and small fries.


While the promotion will technically be from January 4th to February 8th of 2016, McDonald's intends to allow local markets to decide whether or not they want to extend the promotion based on that location's success.


The idea of being forced to purchase a minimum of two things kind of pisses me off. What if three is the perfect number of items for me? Or five? As a consumer, I think cornering your patrons is a risky play, however VP of Customer Experience, Erik Hess, believes that this is the step to take in the right direction, putting "another brick in the wall of our turnaround" (in regards to the recent year-long slump in sales).

Personally, I'd be happy to pay Mr. Hess $2 just to use a less nonsensical simile next time.

Image Source: Ponder Monster, Geos News