McDonald's US Will Finally Have A 24-Hour Breakfast Menu, Find Out Where


Fast food chains have been fighting to get our breakfast dollars for a while now. Taco Bell's just recently released a new doritos-crusted fried chicken biscuit, and of course, McDonald's had to counter somehow, so they're putting some serious thought into an all-day breakfast menu.

According to Business Insider, McDonald's is going to be testing a 24-hour breakfast menu in several San Diego, California locations this April.

Among the items that will be tested are the McMuffins and McGriddles, but it wouldn't be the full breakfast menu you'd get in the morning.


Among the problems that McDonald's has faced in the past when wanting to serve breakfast all day, is that the grills are usually not big enough to handle the load of both breakfast and lunch menu items.

We saw them take a step toward this when they had their Midnight Munchies menu, but this time the breakfast attack is going to be full-fledged.

If all goes well, McDonald's will expand its 24-hour breakfast reach and hopefully it'll become commonplace, the way it is at Jack in the Box.