EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Taco Bell Just Released Tortilla-Fried Chicken, Served In A Biscuit Taco


Photo: Peter Pham/Foodbeast

Taco Bell really knows their breakfast game and the game they're playing is: biscuits and crispy chicken.

The fast food chain has announced plans to begin serving a Biscuit Taco this week which includes, you guessed it, a biscuit folded like a taco. The kicker is, they're using chicken that's rolled in crushed tortilla chips.

We were invited over to the Taco Bell test kitchen to peep this bad boy. How bad do you want to take a bite out of that?



Photo: Peter Pham/Foodbeast

The Mexican food-inspired chain has been known for taking popular breakfast items and making tacos out of them. Taco Bell's new chicken biscuit taco is no different. Topped with a jalapeño honey sauce, the biscuit will be the first in a line of new fried chicken products.

We recommend you slather the sauce. It's definitely not something you should be shy with.

Also available in the biscuit taco variety are more traditional breakfast ingredients like bacon and sausage. These biscuit tacos are served with eggs and cheese.

The Biscuit Tacos are set to hit stores March 26. They can be purchased from all participating locations for $2.49 without tax.