McDonald's New Chicken McGriddle Is Everything You Want For Breakfast



We predicted that fried chicken for breakfast would be a hit for 2017. Looks like McDonald's is agreeing with us on that part.

After successful tests of the Chicken McGriddle in Ohio last year, McDonald's has released the sandwich into various locations in Florida. Spoon University reports that this new sandwich has only been released in this area for a limited time, and will be on the all-day breakfast menu until April 26th.


This is an incredible fast food take on chicken and waffles: a crispy fried piece of chicken from the McChicken sandwich, combined with the sweet and pillowy McGriddle pancake exterior. It's not a massive calorie overload, either  (while McDonald's doesn't have an official picture of the sandwich on their website, the nutritional info lists a single sandwich to be 390 calories). Although the 15 grams of fat and 1000 mg of sodium are a bit hurtful.

With fried chicken on the rise in breakfast, we expect this sandwich to be a huge hit, and hope that it comes to restaurants across the country in the near future so we can enjoy the Chicken McGriddle for ourselves.

Until then, enjoy the new breakfast sandwich, Florida. And let us know what you think of it!