Matt Stonie Devours A Popeyes 16-Piece Family Meal In 25 Minutes

Matt Stonie is without a doubt one of the premier competitive eaters in the world. He proved just how impressive his stomach and jaws are in his most recent YouTube video.


Stonie decided to tackle Popeyes 16-piece family meal, which consists of fried chicken, eight biscuits, and three sides. He didn't make it easy for himself, either, going with the highly caloric mac and cheese, red beans and rice, and coleslaw as his side selections. Additionally, the Popeyes he went threw an extra piece into his box, giving Matt Stonie one more chicken piece to tackle.

None of that proved to be a challenge for Stonie, however, as he cruised through the meal with ease. He ended up finishing in just under 25 minutes without even breaking a sweat. Considering the entire meal was over 8,000 calories, that's pretty impressive.


What was even more astounding was the power of Matt Stonie's jaw, which was perfectly showcased in this video. At one point, Stonie snaps a chicken bone in half with a single bite. Any mere mortal would've needed jaw surgery if they did that, but Stonie was completely unscathed. Talk about some serious jaw strength.

Now that Matt Stonie has shown off his Popeyes fried chicken-eating skills, maybe a biscuit challenge is around the corner? Popeyes biscuits are notorious for being dry, leading to multiple no-water biscuit challenges popping up across the Internet. It would be cool to see Stonie perform his own rendition of the Popeyes biscuit challenge.

For now, though, we're content watching Matt Stonie crush enough Popeyes to feed a family and marvel at how he does it.