KFC's Li'l Bucket Contends with the McDonald's Happy Meal


Happy meals, watch out.  KFC is trying to top Ronald McDonald with its new Li'l Bucket.  Filled with all sorts of goodies -- chicken, a side, beverage and applesauce -- what kid couldn't resist this package of delight?  And at only $3.99 plus tax, what parent couldn't either?

In the Li'l Bucket, kids choose their chicken:



They then choose their side:


And don't forget the drink:



Oh, and as an added little bonus, they get a GoGo squeeZ Applesauce on the Go to spice up their meal a bit.

Don't let the applesauce in place of the ice cream dessert and all the pictures of the green beans and grilled chicken drumsticks fool you though.  Let's be honest, yeah, there's some fruit in the applesauce, but in reality, how many kids are going to choose the drumstick over the 3 other deep-fried options?  Or the green beans over their starchy competitors?  I sure wouldn't.  And technically I'm not even a kid anymore, so good luck parents!

H/T + PicThx Eater