KFC's Newest Flavor Is Hot Honey Fried Chicken

Photo: KFC

Sauce my chicken in ANYTHING sweet and spicy and I'd consider myself a lucky man. I could sing songs about the sweet and spicy fried chicken wings that were littered throughout my college years — the balance of heat and notes of honey always rang through my taste buds. The problem was, most of my go-to spots didn't have a drive thru option. There needed to be some form of sweet and spicy fast food fried chicken to satisfy those cravings I had.

Ask and you shall receive, albeit a few years later.


Kentucky Fried Chicken's newest flavor utilizes the combination of sweet and spicy in the form of Hot Honey Chicken Tenders. The new tenders are said to blend sweet, golden honey with mild peppers before coated over the fried chicken chain's signature chicken tenders.

To be honest, the last few flavor additions from KFC were pretty solid. I was a HUGE fan of the Nashville Hot flavor, the Smokey Mountain, the Pickle, and even the Georgia Gold was alright.

KFC's Hot Honey Chicken will only be available for a limited time. There's also an Extra Crispy Chicken Littles and Extra Crispy Sandwich available that use the flavor as well.