This Donut Is Made With Java Monster and It’s Completely VEGAN

Donut Friend has been putting out creative vegan doughnuts since its inception. By naming their pastries after famous hardcore punk musicians, the shop has always infused it’s own energy into their doughnuts. Their latest one, though, is quite literally infused with energy.

In collaboration with the new Java Monster Farmer’s Oats drink, the LA-based doughnut shop’s newest creation is the Java Monster Donut.

Their light, airy cake doughnuts are topped with an espresso glaze, which is just strong enough to balance out the maple that the glaze is infused with as well. These flavors also pair well with the Java Monster Farmer’s Oat’s oatmeal flavor that’s worked into the whipped cream filling inside the doughnut. On top of that, the doughnut is topped with a crunchy chocolate oat crumble to give it a little bite.


And, best of all, the entire thing is completely plant-based to go along with the new drink’s vegan profile.

Check out the video above to see how this mashup comes together and make sure to try Java Monster Farmer’s Oats, available nationwide, right now.

Created in partnership with Monster Energy.