Our Guinness Intake During The Mayweather-McGregor Fight Was INSANE

When fight day arrives, a common activity that we all partake in is drinking beer. Of course, during the McGregor-Mayweather fight, a lot of us were guzzling brew. As a result, companies have data on what we drank during the epic battle, including our Guinness intake.

guinness intake
Photo: Halshige Suehiro on Flickr.


The data comes from monitoring company BeerBoard, who observes more than 50,000 draft lines and 30,000 products at Buffalo Wild Wings, Hooters, and more. According to a report made from their fight day observations, our beer intake shot up 36% compared to last week.

Furthermore, Guinness intake went up a whopping 18%, which BeerBoard attributes to the mass of Irish fans rooting for McGregor. Other interesting data to note includes a 15.4% spike in Budweiser consumption and a 11.8% jump in pour volume for Coors Light. IPAs, meanwhile, did extremely well, with one brand (Founders All Day) going up 65%.

Overall, no matter who we were rooting for, the big fight brought us all together through our love of beer. Boy, did we drink.