You're Not Crazy, Buffalo Wild Wings' Half-Off Tuesday Deal Has Disappeared

If you've been to a Buffalo Wild Wings lately, you've probably noticed that the posters, flyers, and commercials for their famed Tuesday half off wing deals are no more. It's not just your local restaurant, as this is a nationwide thing with all company-owned stores removing the popular wing deal that often offered traditional wings for about $0.60 per wing.

The reason for Buffalo Wild Wings removing its traditional wing special can be traced back to recent sales reports that didn't look so hot. Not to mention wholesale wing prices have slowly gone up.

Jumbo chicken wing wholesale prices have risen by 20%, costing an average of $2.09 per pound in August, according to the Wall Street Journal.


The restaurant acknowledged the rise in wholesale wing prices were a problem, while its earnings dropped by 60% in its second quarter this year.

The demand for wings is just too high, with U.S. consumers putting in more than 1 billion wing orders from June 2016 to June 2017.

This whole clusterf**k of a situation means that Buffalo Wild Wings had to make a change, luring people more toward its other menu items, without making it look like they're alienating their wing-loving fans.


You'll still be able to get nice specials from the restaurant, but in the form of buy one, get one free boneless wings. The reason they're pushing boneless is because, well, they're not really wings, and they're made with cheaper chicken breast meat.

You'll also notice they've started pushing their "Shareables" menu a lot lately, hoping you'll forget about their traditional wings.


They'd even rather offer you unlimited fries before hooking you up with traditional wings:

With NFL season just around the corner, the last thing we want to hear is that there are chicken wing problems occurring in the U.S. I guess we'll have to get used to grubbing on their appetizers and boneless wings more, or just pay full price for traditional.