Gordon Ramsay Teaches People How To Properly Insult Food In New Ad [WATCH]

If you're aspiring to be one of the most brutal critics of food out there, you'll want to learn from the harshest and most savage folks already out there blasting food. Gordon Ramsay definitely fits under that category.

As a part of his new Omaze campaign to bring in money for the Gordon and Tara Ramsay Foundation, Chef Ramsay uploaded a video to his YouTube channel in which he presides over a fictional "Gordon Ramsay Academy of Kitchen Outrage," teaching chefs to be as mean as possible when critiquing food in the kitchen.


The hysterical ad is meant to promote Ramsay's foundation and his new show, The F Word, which begins airing on FOX this summer. Those who donate to the Omaze campaign will have the chance to be at a live taping of the show and eat at the VIP table, and even get a meet and greet with Gordon backstage.

The entire ad is a little overdramatic, but the ending scene with the pineapple pizza will have you dying of laughter almost instantly.