Girl Scout Swag: Samoa Cupcakes


After we got word about the limited edition Girl Scout Thin Mints Cupcakes, we we're lowkey obsessed with ways to turn more of these classic cookies into mini bites of cake fluff. Then, we found out that Michelle of Une-deux senses had already delivered: Samoa Cupcakes.


Seriously, this girl is always on top of her game with the latest innovative recipes. These Samoa Cupcakes are filled with a sumptuous amount of caramel, layered with ganache made from instant coffee and topped with shredded coconut. If you haven't been able to get your hands on one of the Thin Mints Cupcakes yet, we suggest trying out this recipe to tide you over. Hey, if done right, they might even be better than the real thing. (Gasp)

H/T + PicThx Une-deux senses