Lucky Girl Finds World's Longest Cheeto In Her Bag

It's always a treat when we find an oddly-shaped Cheeto in the bag. Some may look like the late gorilla Harambe, while others may look like former President Abraham Lincoln. Although this latest Cheeto oddity doesn't look like any celebrity in particular, it's still one for the books.

BroBible reports a photo posted on Twitter from user @weedbees whose roommate found the abnormally long snack.


The cheese-dusted anomaly looks to be nearly a foot long, reminiscent of that dude with the world record for the longest finger nails. The only difference is we want to take a bite of this Cheeto.

So what did fate have in store for this miraculous Cheeto? In one of @weedbees later tweets, we discover that her roommate ended up eating it.

Good for her.