Why Fried Chicken Is So Delicious, As Explained By Science [WATCH]

There's no question the United States loves fried chicken. We've got tons of amazing fast food joints dedicated to it, trendy styles like Nashville Hot that are taking over the country, and stacks of chef recommendations, like those of Gordon Ramsay, on the best way to make it.

Lots of things make fried chicken so delectable and beloved, from the actual frying process, to the crunch and juiciness we expect when sinking our teeth into a piece.

To explain how all of these factors come together in blissful harmony, the American Chemical Society (ACS) went deep into the science of the perfect fried chicken.


In a video uploaded to their Reactions YouTube channel, the ACS explains all components of frying a chicken, from the action inside the fryer, to the best tips for moisture retention, ensuring the bird is perfect and juicy.

They even have some tips and tricks to prevent off-flavors from developing that you should try the next time you fry up some chicken.


Perhaps, through understanding the science of this American classic, we can all level up our fried chicken recipes to be crunchier, more succulent, and more delicious.