This Is The World's First Edible 'Operation' Board Game And It Actually Works

Playing Milton Bradley's popular Operation board game was an ordeal for us as a kid. Not only were our hands constantly shaking, but we got pretty squeamish at anything related to surgery. The thought of sticking pliers into a grown man's abdomen for the purpose of entertainment just didn't sit well with us.

There's a new version of the iconic board game, however, that's a little sweeter to swallow than its plastic predecessor.


Food scientist Ann Reardon from YouTube series How To Cook That, created a fully-functioning Operation cake that kids can both play with and eat. She uses a plethora of sweet ingredients including chocolate, cake, jam, and Twizzlers to bring this classic game to life.

During the creation of the sugary pastime, Reardon wires the cake to replicate the voices and buzzing sounds Operation is famous for. The wiring, obviously, is the only part of the dessert that shouldn't be eaten.

Check out the video to see exactly how to make an edible cake version of Operation. Maybe if we had this when we were younger we would enjoy playing it a little more.