Angry Drunk Student Really Wanted Mac & Cheese, This Is What He Got Instead [WATCH]


When you're drunk and craving macaroni and cheese, it's probably for the best to go with instant. A video that took place at the University of Connecticut showed a hammered student causing a massive scene at his campus student union.

Luke Gatti, was the subject of a viral video that showed him arguing with the manager of the dining area. Apparently he really wanted some bacon jalapeño mac and cheese. He was refused service after the underaged student arrived and opened a beer.


This led to a heated argument with the manager, loaded with expletives and name calling. Eventually, the kid got physical and was immobilized by the employees until security arrived. Things get interesting around the 6-minute mark.

Leaving macaroni-less and in shame wasn't enough, however. Gatti spat in the face of the manager on his way out.

Real class act this one.