Del Taco Just Created Soap Bars That Smell Just Like Their French Fries

The future of marketing gimmicks is apparently making stuff that smells like your food. KFC has been doing it for a bit with chicken-scented Valentines and firelogs, and Jimmy Dean came out with a sausage-smelling wrapping paper.

Del Taco is now jumping in the game as well with bars of French fry-scented soap, aptly named "Eau De French Fry."

Photo courtesy of Del Taco


The soap is meant to promote the new Fresh Faves Box Meals at Del Taco, each of which contain their crinkle-cut fries. Each bar of soap is "lightly scented" with French fry aroma, so you'll feel the scent around you but won't be necessarily embalmed in it.

Only a limited amount of these French fry soaps will be sold online. If you really want to cop one, they'll drop on March 13th at Del Taco's web store, costing $3.95 per bar plus shipping and handling.