Jimmy Dean's Sausage-Scented Wrapping Paper Will Make Your Gifts Smell Like Breakfast

The smell of freshly cooked sausages is a common aroma to wake up to on Christmas morning. However, you would expect that aroma to come from the kitchen, not from underneath the tree.

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Dean


That may be where it comes from this year, though, as Jimmy Dean is giving out wrapping paper that smells exactly like some tasty morning sausage. Whether or not we need this is up for debate, but it's there for Jimmy Dean fans looking to add something a little different to their Christmas packaging. Holiday pranksters can also use it to elicit some "WTF" reactions from recipients attempting to guess what's inside.

For those who want the savory paper to wrap their presents with, you have to participate in a "recipe gift exchange" to score it. Basically, you have to submit a photo of your version of one of the recipes on Jimmy Dean's gift exchange website and choose the wrapping paper as your gift option of choice. Other available rewards include a sausage ornament, a "holiday sweater apron," a vinyl record of Jimmy Dean's (the singer, not the company) Christmas album, or the "grand prize" of a diamond-studded belt buckle.