Dodger Stadium To Start Serving Deep-Fried Dodger Dogs


picthx Fairplex, *NOTE* This is not an official picture of the deep-fried Dodger Dog*

Dodger Stadium is no stranger to delicious eats as they have a variety of innovative hot dogs available at Dodger Stadium. From their mac & cheese-topped Big Kid Dog, to their LA Extreme Bacon Dog, they've come a long way from the simple Dodger Dog that LA fans grew up with.

Now they've announced that they will taking that classic Dodger Dog and deep frying it.

It sounds like a corn dog, but a really, really long, corn dog, minus a stick, add a bun.


It will not be served throughout the entire stadium, but fans can find it at the Extreme Loaded Dog stand on the Field Level seating.

Some of the other cool new food items added to the Stadium's repertoire include meatball marinara fries, a meatball marinara cone and carne asada fries, but surely, the deep-fried Dodger Dog is the most intriguing of the bunch.

It might not be as extreme as the Texas Rangers' all-fried booth, but it sounds pretty damn good.