Korea Sells Condom-Looking Ice Cream, Make You Suck The Tip


If I told you that condom-inspired ice cream exists, your mind might immediately think about the Magnum bars.

There is something that's fits that description a little better, though, as Korea has its own twisted sexual humor.


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Whatever, the chocolate ice cream looks like it's inside a condom.


The concept seems a little like Bolis Ice Pops, where you cut the tip of the package, and suck out the cold, icy treat. This version looks way more suggestive, however.

We asked a Korean friend of ours about these ice cream pops, and he said they're popular in Korea, solely because everyone thinks they're hilarious.

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Those in the know, have a good time sucking the tips of these things.

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They can call it a turtle egg all they want, but we all know that that little green dude is a front for probably the funniest ice cream you'll ever see.

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