This Black Bun Fried Frog Burger Is Hopping Into Japanese Mouths

America's burger game really needs to step up if we're going to compete with Japan, at least in the food dye department.

A cafe within the Orbi Yokohama Museum in Japan is launching a fried frog burger complete with black buns. The burger also contains a small amount of soy-seasoned chicken as a taste reference.


Yes, the general consensus is that frogs taste like chicken. In fact, a species of frog on the Caribbean island of Montserrat is so similar in taste that it is colloquially known as Mountain Chicken.


This particular cafe is no stranger to colorful dishes; its Blue Burger/Earth Burger has remained a staple on their menu since its introduction last year for a collaboration between Sega and the BBC.

Screenshot 2015-03-05 at 2.11.09 PM

The Black Bun Burger is a limited-edition creation meant to coincide with the museum's Deadly Poison Exhibition and will cost $8.40 USD (1,000 YEN).