Burger King Japan has Burgers with Black Cheese and Buns, Patties Still Brown tho


Burger King Japan is going dark with two new burgers that take a pretty heavy black theme. Called Kuro, which translates to "black" in Japanese, the burgers are made with uniquely jet-black ingredients.

The Kuro burgers, Pearl and Diamond, can be instantly identified by their black slices of cheese and buns. They both feature a bamboo-charcoal black cheese and black onion garlic sauce. Using squid ink to give the sauce color, the burgers appear to ooze darkness from their pores. The only different between the two is that the Kuro Diamond will feature the additional toppings of lettuce, tomato, onions and mayonnaise (albeit the white kind).


The Kuro Pearl is available for 480 yen ($4.49 US) and the Kuro Diamond is available for 690 yen ($6.45 US). The burgers are set to hit the menu Sept. 19 and will be sold through early November at participating Burger King Japan locations.

They look pretty metal.