This Is All The Food Beyoncé DEMANDS While Out On Tour


One look at Beyoncé and you have no doubt that she keeps a strict diet, but even with a healthy dose of veggies around her, "Queen Bey" makes sure that she covers her chicken in a thick layer of seasoning whenever she's out on tour.


Apparently Bey is dangerously in love with baked chicken wings, legs and breasts, and goes extremely heavy on the cayenne pepper, garlic, salt, and ground pepper, according to Business Insider.

While that might make Beyoncé fans fear for their queen's blood pressure, the rest of her tour demands consist of steamed garlic broccoli, lightly seasoned green beans and lightly seasoned spinach. So, balance still rules in her flawless diet.


As far as drinks, "Sasha Fierce" rolls with cases of Aquafina and hot tea.

Sorry, guys, lemonade didn't make the cut.

I guess when you're Beyoncé, you can eat whatever the hell you want, so if she wants chicken covered in an ungodly amount of seasoning, not even Becky with the good hair can keep her from it.