Rachael Ray Responds To Rude Beyonce Fans In The Best Way Possible


Rachael Ray's been getting quite a bit of hate on Instagram from loyal Beyonce fans, as they think the celebrity chef is fashion designer Rachel Roy, the woman alleged of being Jay Z's mistress.

An honest mistake. A stupid mistake, but an honest one, by lots of people who called Ray a "home wrecker," among other terrible things.


Beyonce made reference to possible unfaithfulness from Jay Z in her visual album titled "Lemonade", identifying the supposed woman as "Becky with the good hair," and while Ray does have good hair, we don't think that's who Beyonce was talking about.

Rumors say that Rachel Roy is the one causing problems in the hip hop couple's relationship. Repeat: RACHEL ROY, not Rachael Ray.

Still, Ray took it in stride, sending out this witty Instagram post for a lemonade-related recipe that was featured on the Rachael Ray Show last week.


Teaming up with fellow chef Damaris Phillips, Ray was excited to show people how to make Lemonade Lavender Ice Cubes, for those hot summer days when you need something to cool you down from all that exhausting home-wrecking.

Shake up your Sunday with @ChefDPhillips' lemon shake-up with lemonade lavender ice cubes. #RachaelRay #RachaelRayShow

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Although the lemonade recipe was conveniently featured on the show last week, its appearance on Instagram Sunday could very well have been a cheeky response all the comments she got.


Rachael Ray can obviously take the heat and will definitely stay in the kitchen, dishing out cold recipes for the haters.

h/t us mag