Three Ridiculous Creations People Came Up With During National Pizza Month

To create pizza is to understand pizza—and it seems no one understands pizza quite like PBR.

We’ve been keeping strong on our IG and Twitter game, and throughout October we’ve seen a whole lotta pizza being tossed (ha) around within the beer brand’s #INPIZZAWECRUSH tag, a phrase they created to document those celebrating this October’s National Pizza Month via pizza-eating, pizza-crushing, and pizza-creating. But out of all the pizza fanatics who chose to publicize their ‘za obsessions through that tag, we argue that the best of the best were three pizza-loving Internet chefs, who go by the names of The Vulgar Chef, Oh Bite It, and Josh Elkin.

Each took the idea of pizza, then rolled, nailed, and twisted it into their own crazy creation using actual pizza, ultimately forming a beer koozie, shot “glasses,” and a ping pong table complete with paddles, respectively. Just goes to show that inspiration can truly come from anywhere, even something as standard as a pizza, and that the people of the world will never stop churning out this kind of oddball creativity (and we wouldn’t want them to!)

This sometimes triangular, sometimes circular, pleasure can especially influence people to do nutty things, and we have PBR to thank for hyping that nuttiness last month—we now have a new place to bask in our pizza-obsession like proper millennial-adults because #INPIZZAWECRUSH. Now without further ado, let’s reflect on these 3 wild pizza products to emerge from this year’s National Pizza Month:


1. PIZZA Beer Koozie - The Vulgar Chef

2. PIZZA Shot “Glasses” - Oh Bite It


3. PIZZA Ping Pong Table - Josh Elkin

Created in partnership with Pabst Blue Ribbon