A Crazy Person Just Created A Pizza Beer Koozie You Can Actually Eat

Holymotherofallthatispizza this is the day the Internet breaks—The Vulgar Chef just created a beer koozie. Out. Of. PIZZA.

And then he ate it.

We knew this guy was one to watch the day he unleashed that cookie dough taco onto the world… but THIS?!?!?!? Kyle “Vulgar Chef” Marcoux has just proven himself to be a bonafide madman (in the best way possible of course).


All we know is that he formed the edible drink holder out of a sheer love for pizza. Tagging the photo evidence of the creation on his Instagram #INPIZZAWECRUSH (label created by beer supplier Pabst Blue Ribbon to hype up October’s National Pizza Month), he asks his followers to join in and make something wack out of pizza too.


Anyone who’s pizza-crazy enough to make this thing for themselves at home will have the pleasure of eating pizza while koozin’ and boozin’—sounds like a real life fantasy...

See the full pizza beer koozie video here.

Created in partnership with Pabst Blue Ribbon