This Food Blogger Just Created Edible Pizza Shot Glasses

Last week we covered the novelty “Pizza Beer Koozie”—yup, a beer koozie made of pizza, nothing more and nothing less—created by shit-fucker-upper extraordinaire The Vulgar Chef. Today, we may have discovered the Pizza Beer Koozie’s cousin—Pizza “Shot Glasses.”

Little tiny shot-sized cups made out of pizza, because pizza makes people do crazy things. In this case, the crazy person responsible is food creator “Oh, Bite It.”

You know her for those homemade rainbow donuts and sugary bacon-wrapped EVERYTHING, but right now we’re zooming in on her Pizza Shot Glasses. She’s joining in on October’s National Pizza Month fun, motivating her fans to do the same by utilizing the equally pizza-crazy PBR’s tag #INPIZZAWECRUSH.



Take a shot, eat pizza, repeat. What one wouldn’t do to live this here lifestyle...

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