Josh Elkin's 'Pizza Pong' Table Is The Newest PBR Challenge Invention

Who doesn't love ping pong? Who doesn't love pizza? Well, the Canadian culinary genius Josh Elkin just made a table built for both.

Leave it to this celebrity chef and diehard pizza lover to find a way to combine two of the best things ever — pizza and ping pong — creating a one-of-a-kind, mouth-watering masterpiece.

Inspired by his undying passion for pizza, Josh's hand crafted "Pizza Pong Table" is the answer to the age-old question, "Why is beer the only thing to ever get 'ponged?'"

If October wasn't already the best month ever, this October, Josh joined the Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer challenge to create a crazy, off-the-wall invention for National Pizza Month, using the hashtag "#INPIZZAWECRUSH" and he didn't disappoint.



With Josh's Pizza Pong table, the PBR challenge line up of pizza-based inventions coming out of the Foodbeast Family kitchen is really starting to get us hungry.

First, just out of pure passion for pizza, food blogger and Mac N' Cheetos originator Kyle "The Vulgar Chef" Marcoux broke the Internet after he created the edible Pizza Koozie — an edible beer koozie made out of pizza, that actually fits around a PBR tallboy.

Then Amy Erickson, the badass baker and pizza fiend, who runs OhBiteIt, created the cutest and super delicious bite-sized edible Pizza Shot-Glasses.

Damn, October really is the best month ever.

Created in partnership with Pabst Blue Ribbon