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A Mango Peeling Hack That Actually Makes Sense [WATCH]

July 15, 2014 // 12:32 pm

Remember that guy who showed you the safest way to cut a mango using a marker, peeler and “mango handles”? We adore you Alton Brown, but this little trick may have you beat.

After slicing the two mango cheeks from the seed, take a the edge of…

12 Quick Secrets to Ordering Chipotle

July 10, 2014 // 4:01 pm

Story originally written by Anna Monette Roberts for PopSugar

Even if you frequent Chipotle Mexican Grill several times a week, chances are you don’t know the best deal on the menu, all the free stuff you can walk away with, and how to skip the line.…

Lifehack: How to Defrost a Steak in 5 Minutes Without Electricity

July 8, 2014 // 12:21 am

This trick is just too cool to pass up. At some point or another, we’ve all bought meat in bulk. You can’t possibly finish it all so you freeze it, but then when it comes time to eat it, you have a choice. Leave it out for a few…

How to Forever Change the Way You Cut Grapes in Half [Video]

June 26, 2014 // 2:45 pm

Using the same, ahem, method as the cherry tomatoes hack, Laura Mullins Goodhue revealed to the netizens the secret world of grape-cutting mastery. Goodhue posted the video below of her husband teaching her how to cut a load of grapes in half in mere seconds.


Alton Brown Teaches Humans How to Peel a Mango

June 19, 2014 // 3:52 pm

Last month Alton Brown proved America was making grilled cheese sandwiches all wrong. Now, he’s back in a gory edition of “How to Slice a Mango”.

Warning: don’t watch this if paper cuts make you queasy.

Amidst the chopped fingers and rabid weasel puppets, Brown demonstrates the…

How to Transform a Pringles Can into a Solar Oven

June 17, 2014 // 10:59 am

If you’re tired of standing over the grill, or just want a cool project to impress your friends, here’s one for your next cookout. Try making a solar oven out of a Pringles can, and use it to cook your hot dogs.

We can’t answer why you’d…

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