A Mango Peeling Hack That Actually Makes Sense [WATCH]


Remember that guy who showed you the safest way to cut a mango using a marker, peeler and "mango handles"? We adore you Alton Brown, but this little trick may have you beat.

After slicing the two mango cheeks from the seed, take a the edge of one of the cheeks and press it against the lip of a sturdy glass. Then, simply slide down to separate the skin from the flesh. See the quick tutorial below.


Make sure to use a ripe, soft mango if you're going to try this trick. It helps the glass slide through it with ease, otherwise you're likely to hit up a few snags if you use a mango that isn't ready yet.

Still, as hack-y as this method is, I still prefer cutting up a mango like a turtle shell and inverting it. Like this little beaut from Dolly and Oatmeal, for instance.


Maybe, we should just leave perfection alone.