This Microwave Trick Turns Soft Tortillas Hard In Seconds

Life is filled with unexpected shortcuts to make your suburban life easier. Like learning that you can eat your cupcake like a sandwich or that Tic Tac containers have been hiding a little secret in plain sight your entire life. Now, we're sharing our most recent potato couch-friendly discovery: how to transform a soft tortilla into a crunchy, hard taco shell in the microwave.

The idea came about whilst a taco-making office lunch. We ran out of hard shell tacos and were left with a stack of soft tortillas. Unfortunately, we were craving the convenience of a taco envelope and considered throwing them into a skillet to fry them into the desired curved shape. That's when someone pointed out that you can actually microwave tortillas into crunchy taco shells using just the microwave.

We know what you're thinking: sorcery.

After some  initial incredulity from the nonbelievers, we learned that the trick was pretty simple:


1. Place tortillas along the inside of a cup.


2. "Cook" them in the microwave for about a minute*.


3. Take them out of the cup and voila: a crispy, crunchy,  hard shell taco.



4. Now fill that sucker with all the tasty taco innards you desire and enjoy!


*minute can vary significantly. We used 1 minute per taco, but just watch over your tortillas the first time around and find what works for your particular microwave settings.