Watch This Guy Eat And Review US Field Rations From World War II

Typically, we're not too interested in covering food reviews, but there's something pretty unique about a man who only evaluates field rations from the past.

YouTuber Steve1989 describes himself as someone who will eat just about anything. His page is essentially a virtual museum. In each video, he opens up cans of rations from a plethora of militaries and wars and takes an intimate look at the foods frozen in time within them.

Check out his review of US Army field rations from World War II.

In this video, Steve tries a WW2 Ration Type C B-Unit and analyzes each item as he goes. The can is stuffed with candies, coffee, and even some questionable cookies. Listening to this soft-spoken guy talk about field rations is so soothing. His excitement to try the 75-year-old snacks is also pretty darn commendable.

Check out the video to see his thoughts on the rations and the rest of his channel as he tries other rations from history. Dude's probably got a stomach of iron.