World's Most Expensive Dinner Raffle Cancelled, Meal Will Now Help Nigerian Children

A previously announced raffle of the world's most expensive dinner, which anyone could buy into for a mere two bucks, has been cancelled.

Originally, anyone could pay $2 to get a chance to obtain this dinner for themselves. The experience would have included a 3-hour luxury yacht cruise in Singapore, dining on 18 courses aboard a private jet, ten thousand fresh roses, a pair of personalized diamond chopsticks for you and your partner to keep, and a fireworks display.


V Diamond's initial purchase of the extravagant meal experience from World of Diamonds has been called off. Thus, the raffle, conducted by V Diamonds, is cancelled since they no longer own the dinner. Instead, World of Diamonds has put the meal back up for sale for $2 million, but director Karan Tilani says that "the world’s most expensive dinner will now save thousands of children in Nigeria.” All those who participated in the auction will also be refunded.

Photo: World of Diamonds

When someone purchases the dinner at the full price of $2 million, $500,000 of the money will go to Dinnødhjælp, an aid organization that assists children in Nigeria. The money will go to furnishing and operating a hospital in the West African country for at least 3 years, along with opening a new dental care facility inside. The hospital will be renamed to whoever buys the meal, and will care for approximately 8,000 children per year.


The $500,000 will also help Nigerian children that are accused of being witches. A traditional African belief levies this accusation on children whose families fall sick, lose their jobs, are infertile, have a harvest failure, or lose a member. The children are then tortured or abandoned by their families because of this superstition. The money will aid these children, along with providing them with free food, shelter, and education.

Those interested in purchasing the dinner and seeing their money go to this cause can email for more information.