Wong Fu And Panda Express Show Us The Hilarious Struggle Of Choosing Where to Eat Dinner [WATCH]

We've all been there before: The work day is wrapping up, we're about to head home, and then an important thought crosses our mind. (Or we get a message from our significant other).

"What's for dinner?"

Usually, that devolves into a flurry of internal conflict as we try to select where to eat our next meal. Fortunately, the comedic team over at Wong Fu Productions has come up with a simple solution.

In their latest video, the Wong Fu team comes up with a genius skit to help people decide where to go for dinner. This particular scenario features a guy deciding for his girlfriend where to go for dinner. The guy starts with a Panda Express fortune from the girlfriend's latest dinner. However, he then twists his way through several other options before finally circling back to Panda, which is where the couple ends up. Overall, the message is that you'll probably end up going to the place you crave most, no matter how much you debate.


Photo courtesy of Panda Express

This video is actually part of a fun campaign between Wong Fu and Panda Express that's happening this month. We can expect two more hilarious videos from Wong Fu as a result. Additionally, Panda Express will be dropping a new item, Peking Pork, on September 27th. It's unclear whether the sweet-and-sour pork will show up in a Wong Fu video, since it didn't appear in the above skit. However, it's definitely a possibility.

At any rate, it's going to get us more funny bone-tickling skits about eating, so we can't wait to see what else Wong Fu and Panda Express have in store for us.