Wine-Infused Coffee Now Exists, Here's Where To Find It


Last month, we discovered that Jack Daniels released a line of whiskey-flavored coffee for those wanting to combine the taste of the liquor with their morning cup of joe. While the options weren't actually alcoholic, it did capture the taste of whiskey.

Now, we're stepping away from hard liquor and traversing into wine country.


Coffee company Wild Card Roasters has partnered with winemaker Molinari Private Reserve to create a new amalgam of the two iconic drinks: wine-infused coffee.

FoodBev reports that it took the companies two and a half years to nail the 'rich, full-bodied coffee with a blueberry note.' The brands focused on red wine, rather than white, because it contained more antioxidants that paired better with the flavor of coffee.

The coffee will soon be available across the Napa Valley in California through a number of coffee and wine venues. If successful, the two Napa Valley brands hope to expand their product to local bars and cafes.