Whole Foods Is Selling A Vegan Burger That Bleeds When Cooked


I'll be the first to admit that some vegan burgers can be pretty delicious. I say this after helping devour that massive 11-patty Guy Fieri burger. It just depends on whether it's done right. So what kind of vegan patty would catch the attention of a red-blooded meat eater?

Maybe one that bleeds when cooked like regular beef.

Beyond Meat made headlines a while back after they debut their Beyond Burger. The protein would emit a reddish juice that looked similar to blood through the use of beets. Developers also found a way for the meat to brown like a hamburger, yet stay moist and pink on the inside.


According to the NY Times, Whole Foods is currently testing the patties at a store in Boulder, Colo. While you can only find it at the one location at first, the hope is to further the patties' available by releasing them at more Whole Foods over time.

Not sure what a bloody veggie-based burger would do for a practicing vegan, but if you're a mealtime looking to ease into a healthier appetite, this is probably the closest transition.

A pack of two patties, 4-ounces each, costs $5.99.

Photo: Beyond Meat