Terrifying Snake Lived Under Woman's Fridge, All Venomous And Pregnant

When you wake up in the morning, shuffle into your kitchen like DJ Khaled and start prepping your breakfast, you probably don't think about having a poisonous snake jump at you while you peruse the fridge for your milk.

Tis the fears Australians have to live with.

A woman in Australia had a pregnant brown snake just casually hanging out under her fridge, waiting for her younglings to come out.


This is not something you see everyday - An eastern brown snake with her eggs. This snake was removed from under a...

Posted by Snake Catchers Adelaide on Monday, January 11, 2016


Snake Catchers Adelaide, a South Australian company with trained snake retrievers, posted the photo of the snake they captured and said it later laid 14 eggs -- 14 eggs that could have been in the woman's home if she hadn't noticed the venomous creature.

Rolly Burrell, who captured the snake told ABC News that the fridge was an ideal spot for egg incubating because the bottom of fridges are warm and humid.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, but an Indiana Jones-like scare probably took place.