Meet The Magical Sisters Behind Las Vegas's Coolest Bar

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Recently, we got to see the Dylag sisters, Christina and Pamela, in action at Further Future Fest. Their art's district bar Velveteen Rabbit is nestled beyond the strip in sinful Las Vegas and it's the kind of rung of hell you wouldn't mind vacationing in. No noisy TVs or kitschy beer logos on the taps, just fresh ingredients, delicious cocktails, and a little bit of magic.

Sit for a spell and learn more about this quaint bar. It might just bewitch you.

FB: Velveteen Rabbit has been open for about three years, but it took two years to open. What made you decide to open a bar in your hometown and why were you so dedicated to its creation?

VR: We wanted to do something unique for Las Vegas. A different culture was emerging when we came up with the idea, and we wanted to contribute to it. A main goal was to develop a space that could showcase art, music, and good booze, and we were wholly dedicated to seeing that through.



Photo: Deed DeBruno

FB: There’s an undeniable witchy/wiccan theme to the bar. Are you witches? How did you land on this aesthetic?

VR: One of us identifies as a witch, and the other doesn't. The former is pretty shy about her otherworldly nature, so she tries to keep it on the hush hush.

FB: As sisters, is it difficult to mix work and family? How do you go about solving disagreements? Do you have separate roles or do you share all responsibilities equally?

VR: In solving disagreements, we usually settle on a dance battle or throw spaghetti at one another until someone concedes. It's weird but it works!


FB: What do you like most about the Arts District?

VR: The Arts District specifically attracts a lot of people who have an interest in art and anything relating to it; due to its nature, new businesses have opened that cater to a more culturally-minded clientele. It's nice to be a part of a tight-knit community like ours.

FB: Did you meet any push-back from other bars when you opened or has the community been generally welcoming?

VR: Some people didn't think we knew what we were doing. I guess we didn't! We had never managed or owned a bar before...Christina had never bartended. It was a sort of trial-and-error experiment, but we're still alive and kicking, so we must have figured out a few things, three years later.


FB: Beyond the Arts District, would you say that the Vegas bar scene is a bit of a boy’s club? Why do you think Velveteen Rabbit is thriving in this environment?

VR: It's a male-dominated sphere for the most part, but kickass women continue to thrive regardless; Mariena Mercer, Rose Signor, Jolene Mannina, Nina Manchev... to name a few. It's not for the faint of heart, but women make a huge impact.

FB: What’s your favorite drink (that you’ve created or in general)?

VR: Anything mezcal. Pretty sure we're 70 percent distilled agave nectar at this point.

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