This Unicorn Hot Chocolate Is A Secret Menu Item Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

As the year comes to the close, we're gonna take a look at one last entry into the world of "rainbow" foods. Creme & Sugar, a coffee and dessert parlour in Anaheim, CA, created a fantastical beverage appropriately named Unicorn Hot Chocolate.


The drink is made with double white chocolate vanilla hot cocoa, multicolored fruit marshmallows, house-made whipped cream, edible glitter dust, and rainbow sprinkles. 

Owner Joanna Czikalla drew inspiration for the drink from her love of Willy Wonka and anything whimsical or fairy tale-inspired. Growing up in Anaheim and formerly working at Disney definitely helped nourish this passion. Because most hot chocolates on their menu weren't that photogenic, she threw together something using ingredients she already had for her colorful unicorn cakes and unicorn bark. The result was breathtaking.


No unicorns were hurt in the making of this Unicorn Hot Chocolate.

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Don't expect to see this on Creme & Sugar's menu once you walk in, though. The Unicorn Hot Chocolate, while a permanent and popular fixture, is also a secret menu item. Patrons can also order Unicorn Shakes, which follow a similar concept.


You can find the Unicorn Hot Chocolate, in multiple colors, at Creme & Sugar in Anaheim. There is also a Cookie Monster variation topped with crushed Oreos and blue cocoa. 

Cookie Monster Hot Cocoa is not for sharing ?☕️? #foodbeast

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