The Best and Worst Receipts of 2012

It seemed like 2012 was a good year to let loose with receipt pictures. With the rise of Instagram and other social networks, a game of outdoing each other with funny receipt comments was the norm. On the other hand, plain stupidity seemed to be a trend as well. As these pictures circulated and made their way to our screens, some made us laugh out loud and others made us cringe.

Without further ado, here are the best and worst receipts of 2012:


The Best: Penis Butter Snickers

Even if you're older than 17, this has to make you chuckle at first sight. A popular find on Reddit, this receipt makes you think that a dollar can still go a long way.

The Worst: Lady C****y Eyes


Our first of the worst came from a Papa John's in New York. This hateful remark was aimed at an Asian customer as the Papa John's employee couldn't find a better way to describe this woman. Maybe next time, "The lady with the (insert color) shirt."?

The Best: Best Butt Discount

Texas' Twisted Root restaurant gives a little extra in its receipts. It doesn't look like any type of significant discount was given to this customer who apparently had the "best butt" and was the "best looking," but it had to have made her day, right?

The Worst: Fat Girls

Chilly D's in California is the accused in this case. Another failure in describing customers. There has to be a better, and more creative way to get your kicks at the workplace, Jeff.

The Best: Cold Ass Beer


This receipt can be much appreciated. More receipts should be this laid back. If you go to Buffalo Wild Wings, your receipt should say you bought some 'Hot ass wings.' If you go to McDonald's, your receipt should say, 'Burger with cheap ass meat.' The origin of this receipt is unclear, but my best guess would be that it's from the Idle Hands Bar in New York, which actually has "Cold ass beer" on its menu.

The Worst: Feel free to spit in this guy's food

You always hear stories, but you always hope it doesn't really happen. Spitting in a customer's food is the worst. If they're rude, have the balls to call them out and don't mess with their food.

The Best: The Steve Carell Effect

I halfway question the validity of this one, but it's still awesome. It was set up on a tee and knocked out of the park. We can easily go a whole generation ordering "extra wet" anything and always say the classic, 'That's what she said.'

The Worst: This N**** 4 Yu


Insults seemed to be a terrible trend for receipts in 2012. Fuel Pizza in Charlotte, N.C. is the culprit here and the Employee was fired. The report said the employee who wrote it was black, but I don't think that helped sooth the pissed off customer any.

The Best and Worst: Peyton Manning's tip

This one could go either way because it's pretty awesome that NFL star Peyton Manning gave a $200 tip, on top of the gratuity that is already included with the bill. I bet the server was super happy, but he had to be just as sad when he got fired for posting this picture online. I'll let you decide what category this falls under.

The Worst: Stop eating, b***h

This New Jersey Applebee's is the site of our final worst receipt. These customers were eating good in the neighborhood, then decided to just be jerks. As one of the worst receipts of the year, their message to the server was an extremely rude suggestion. To add injury to insult, they didn't even leave a real tip.

Well, several insults were hurled this year, but at least there was some creativity sprinkled in. Hopefully 2013 will bring more best than worst and people will step up their game instead of just insulting the customers and getting fired.