Taco Bell Just Went Full 'Demolition Man' With A Futuristic Comic-Con Pop-Up

Fans of the 90s blockbuster Demolition Man know that it predicts a future where the only restaurant chain that survives is Taco Bell. The events in that film aren't set to transpire for another 14 years, but the fast food giant is already prepping for then by giving its "restaurant of the future" a trial run.

demolition man

Fans attending the San Diego Comic Con will have a chance to get in on the Bell's Demolition Man pop-up, which fully captures what the movie envisioned Taco Bell would be like. Located outside of the actual event venues in San Diego, the pop-up restaurant is a high end, sit-down experience with a four course menu of items reimagined into a futuristic setting. Just imagine eating the same things John Spartan and Simon Phoenix probably did in the movie.

The four dishes available are as follows:

The Joy Joy Hors D'oeuvre, a mini sampler of offerings that includes an onion soubise, "masa geometrics," tomato apsic, avocado, "Corn4," legumes, mushrooms, cilantro, and chile.


Franchise Freedom Fries, aka the chain's hyped seasoned Nacho Fries, but with powdered "Cryo-capsicum" (aka chilies) and cheese on top.

The Crunchwrap Supreme Leader, which looks like the ingredients inside of a regular Crunchwrap reimagined into a loaded tostada,

And a Cinnamon Helix Confection for dessert, topped with powdered berries and sugar.


There's also a merch shop where you can buy a variety of Taco Bell swag themed off of the futuristic Demolition Man models from the film.

As intriguing as all of that is though, Foodbeast's own Geoff Kutnick probably found the craziest part of the restaurant when he went to check it out for himself. There's a way they can scan you for payment that is definitely more 3018 than 2018.

Check it out below:

For fans of Taco Bell or Demolition Man, the pop-up is a pretty fun experience to see what our food may look like 15 years down the road.

Taco Bell's pop-up will be open on a first-come, first-serve basis between 6 pm and midnight on July 20th and 21st.