Parents Swear The Minion Toys At McDonald's Are Saying, 'What The F**k'

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 11.33.47 AM

If you've watched the new Minions movie, you'd swear they were speaking Spanish at certain points, but some parents are hearing something more vulgar from McDonald's new Minions toys.

"What the fuck" is the alleged profanity that one of the toys is dishing out, and it has been noted on a couple different instances.

Parents in Ohio told My Fox 28 that one of the Minion toys is clearly saying WTF.

There was another incident like this reported to WFTV where a couple of grandparents in Florida heard the same thing and threw out the potty-mouthed minion.


In the video below, it does kind of sound like he might be saying, "What the fuck" and "I'll be damned."

McDonald's said that all of this is nonsense as the Minions clearly speak Minionese, which is essentially gibberish.

So parents are pissed, whoever voiced the toys is probably laughing hysterically and the Minions are probably still living the thug life. All is well with the world.